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Types of Cards

Character – Appearing character from various works

Event – Incidents or phenomenon that have occurred in the original media. Possess instant use effects


Climax – Memorable scenes from the original media. At the right time, it can shift the tide of the game

  • ws_level Level & CostLocated on the top left hand corner of Character and Event cards, it is the requirement needed to play the card. Only after the requirements are fulfilled, then the card can be played.

    The Level indicates the Level you must be at before this card can be played. Level 0s can be played at any time, Level 1s only during Level 1 and above, Level 2 for Level 2 and above and Level 3 only at Level 3.

    The Cost indicates the number of cards that must be “paid” from Stock. To play the card, you need to place the exact number of cards indicated from your Stock to your Waiting Room. If you do not have enough Stock, you cannot play the card.


    The different colours indicate the colour you need in your Clock or Level zones in order to play this card. The colours provided by each card are identified by the bottom bar.

  • Counter/Clock Iconws_counter ws_clock => Located underneath the Level icon.
    ws_counter Counter Icon
    If the card has this icon, this card has an ability that can be used during your opponent’s turn, during the Counter step, when your opponent Front Attacks your Character.

    ws_clock Clock Icon – If the card has this icon, it has an ability related to when the card itself is in Clock. It can be either an ALARM or SHIFT ability.

  • Trigger
    Located on the top right hand corner of the card, it is what you check when you do a Trigger Check during your attack. The symbol determines the effect that occurs. Triggers will be explained during the explanation of how the game works.
  • Power & Soul
    • ws_power Power
      Located at the bottom left hand corner.Indicates Power. Only Characters possess Power and if it does battle with another Character and loses, it will enter a state known as REVERSE (whereby the card is shifted to an upside-down position) and remain on Stage until the end of the Battle Phase.
    • ws_soul2 Soul
      Located next to Power, it indicates the amount of Soul a Character possesses. It is the willpower of the Character and is an indication of how much the Character can contribute toward victory.
  • ws_trait_bar Traits
    Located at the bottom right hand corner, it indicates the different characteristics of the Character.

Play Area


This is how the playmat looks like. However, to make things simpler:


  • Waiting Room
    This area is where cards that have been used is sent.
  • Memory
    This zone is where cards that have been removed from play are placed.
  • Level
    The number of cards within this zone indicates the Level the player is at.
  • Clock
    The number of cards in this zone indicates the amount of damage the player has taken. The order cannot be switched.
  • Stock
    The number of cards in this zone indicates the amount of Stock the player has to pay Costs with. Cards in this zone are always face down.
  • Climax zone
    The Climax card is placed here when it is played onto the Stage
  • Front & Back rows
    Tne entire Front and Back row combined is the Stage. The Front row is the row that does battle. There are abilities that some Characters can use to boost the strength of those in the Front row.

How to Play

  • Making a Deck
    • Both Players must have a deck of exactly 50 cards.
    • There can be a maximum of 8 climax cards.
    • There can be a maximum of 4 cards with the same name.
  • Starting the Game
    • Both players are to shuffle their decks and place it face-down in front of them.
    • Decide which player goes first by any method.
    • Draw 5 cards from the top of the deck.
    • Discard any number of cards from your hand and draw the same number of discarded cards from the top of the deck.
    • Start the first turn of the game.

Turn Phases

  1. Stand Phase
    All Characters on player’s stage in ws_restREST are changed to ws_standSTAND.
  2. Draw Phase
    Draw 1 card from the top of the deck. (This applies to the First turn as well).
  3. Clock Phase
    The player can place a card from his hand into his Clock to draw 2 additional cards. This action can only be performed during the Clock Phase
  4. Main Phase
    Any of the following actions may be performed as many times as desired as long as the conditions are met.

    1. Play a Character Card
      The player can place a character onto the stage in ws_standSTAND position by paying the cost stated (if any) on the card. If the slot is currently occupied by another character card, the old Character is sent to the Waiting Room while the new Character takes its place.
    2. Play an Event Card
      The player can play an Event card from their hand by paying the cost stated (if any) on the card. Resolve the effects stated on the Event card and send it to the Waiting Room after it is resolved.
    3. Move a Character Card
      The player may shift any of the Character cards they currently control to any slot on the stage. If another Character card is in the new slot, swap the two characters. Their statuses remain unchanged.
    4. Use an Active Ability ws_start of a Character
      An active ability ws_start of a Character in play can be activated as many times as desired as long as the conditions are met and the cost is paid.
  5. Climax Phase
    The Player may place a Climax card from his hand onto the Climax Area. This is the only time a Climax card can be played
  6. Attack Phase
    Characters in the Player’s Front row in can attack an opponent and inflict damage to the opponent. Repeat Steps 1 to 5 for each attack and carry out step 6 at the end of the attack phase.

      1. Attack Declaration Step
        The player declares an attack by changing a character in ws_standSTAND position to ws_restREST.. There are 3 types of attacks.

        • Front Attack: Battle against the opposing Character in front of the attacking Character
        • Side Attack: Avoid battle against opposing Character to attack the opponent directly. The damage done to the opponent is decreased by the Level of the opposing Character.
        • Direct Attack: When there are no characters directly in front of the attacking Character, the player will declare Direct Attack against the opponent. The Soul damage dealt to the opponent will be increased by 1 ws_soul2 when declaring a Direct Attack.
      2. Trigger Step
        The player flips open the top card of his deck and activates the effect of the trigger icon on the top right hand of the card.

        • ws_no_trigger No trigger – No additional effect. Events only have this trigger
        • ws_soul2 Soul trigger – Add one ws_soul2 to the attacking Character.
        • ws_soul2ws_soul2 Double Soul trigger – Climax only. Add 2 ws_soul2 to the attacking Character.
        • ws_bouncews_soul2 Whirlwind trigger – Climax only. Adds 1 ws_soul2 to the attacking Character and the player may send one of the opponent’s Characters to return back to the opponent’s hand.
        • ws_shotws_soul2 Spark trigger – Climax only. Adds 1 ws_soul2 to the attacking Character and the player may deal one damage to the opponent if damage is cancelled. (this damage is cancellable).
        • ws_treasure Gold Bar trigger – Climax only. The player adds this card to hand and then may take one card from the top of the Deck and place it into Stock.
        • ws_stock Gold Bag trigger – Climax only. The player may place one card from the top of the Deck to the top of the Stock before putting this card into Stock.
        • ws_salvage Door trigger – Climax only. The player may select one Character from Waiting Room and add it to hand.
        • ws_draw Book trigger – Climax only. The player may draw one card.
        • ws_gatews_soul2 Gate trigger – Climax only. Adds 1 ws_soul2 to the attacking Character and the player may select one Climax from Waiting Room and add it to hand.

        After resolving the trigger effect, the card is added to Stock.

      3. Counter Step ws_counter
        • This step is only done when a Front attack has been declared.
        • The player being attacked may play an Event with ws_counter or use an ws_startActive ability of a Character with ws_counter.
        • Only one ability or Event can be played per Counter Step.
        • Character Cards played in this step must fulfill the Level restrictions only while an Event Card played during this step must fulfill both Colour and Level restrictions.
      4. Damage Step
        • The player being attacked receives damage equal to the Soul of the attacking card.
        • The player receiving damage must flip open the same number of cards as damage taken from the top of his deck one at a time.
        • If at any point a Climax is flipped open, all previously opened cards are sent to the Waiting Room along with the Climax.
        • All damage taken is placed into Clock in the order that it was flipped open
      5. Battle Step
        • This step is only done when a Front attack has been declared.
        • The power of both Characters in battle are compared and the one with a lower Power is put in ws_reverseREVERSE position.
        • In case of a tie, both cards are placed in ws_reverseREVERSE position.

    If the attacking player wants to declare another attack, repeat from Attack Declaration Step.If not, proceed to Encore Step.

    1. Encore Step
      • The attacking player sends all his characters in ws_reverseREVERSE position to the Waiting Room.
      • The attacking player may activate an Encore Ability of a card and return it to ws_restREST position in its previous slot after paying the appropriate cost.
      • Characters without an Encore Ability can also be returned using the default ws_autoAuto Ability of all character cards by paying 3 cost from the stock.
      • Once the attacking player has completed the Encore Step, the defending player will start to do the same.

      Encore can be done regardless of phase as long as the conditions are met. Any card sent to the Waiting Room during any phase may conduct Encore immediately. The Encore phase merely sends ws_reverseREVERSE Characters to the Waiting Room.

  7. End Phase
    • Send Climax in play (if any) to the Waiting Room.
    • If either player has more than 7 cards in hand, discard until there are only 7 left.
    • At the end of this phase, the player’s turn is over and the opponent will start their turn.
  • Leveling up
    At any point in time, when there are 7 or more cards in the Clock, the player selects a card from the first 7 and places it in the Level Area. The remaining 6 cards are sent to the Waiting room. Any subsequent cards are placed in the Clock.
  • Deck Refresh
    • Deck Refresh occurs when the Deck runs out of cards
    • All the cards in their Waiting Room are shuffled and then placed in the Deck zone as the new deck.
    • After the new deck has been placed, the top card of the new deck is placed in the Clock Area . This Refresh damage cannot be cancelled even if a Climax appears.
    • If the Deck is refreshed in the midst of any action, complete the action before placing the top card into the Clock Area.
  • Winning Condition
    • The player which reached Level 4 (4 Cards in Level Area) first will lose the game.
    • Any player who has no cards in his Deck and Waiting Room lose immediately.
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